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Vārds: Krista
Uzvārds: Redzams tikai VIP lietotājiem!


Pilsēta/Rajons: Rīga
Vieta precīzāk: Ausekla Iela

Darba laiks un atalgojums:

Cik dienas nedēļā: 3 dienas
Cik stundas dienā: 5 h
Maksa par stundu: 10 Eur


Ģimenes apraksts:
Hello! We are a family that consists of a dad (38 from USA, english/spanish speaker), a mom (31 from Latvia, english/latvian speaker) and 7 month old son (will learn english & latvian). We also have a small house-trained Pomsky dog.

Aukles pienākumi (tipiskas dienas apraksts):
Our nanny will provide two types of service: (1) 3 hours per day of supervising, playing with, feeding, etc our 7-month son; and (2) 2 hours per day of housekeeping.

NOTE: we are flexible with the working hours & can work to accommodate your schedule

Piedāvājums auklei:
We are offering a safe, comfortable employment opportunity within a beautiful three-level mid-city private apartment building. We will compensate the babysitter in the following ways: (1) €10 per hour paid in cash weekly; (2) complimentary coffee & drinks while on duty; (3) all activity related expenses for childcare (transport costs, admission tickets, etc); (4) there will not be any holiday or sick pay.

Mājas apraksts:
We live in a newly renovated three level apartment located in a prestigious building on Ausekla Iela. Please be sure you are able to climb stairs. (note: the building is private with a concierge & door code for entry)

We are a friendly family with high-level professional activities who maintains a high standard of cleanliness and reliability. We will provide you a constant and reliable excellent work environment without any issues. In return, we simply expect your best work product, with an emphasis placed on reliability.

Our son is very social & enjoys spending time with others. He is energetic and would benefit from someone who will actively play and entertain him.

IMPORTANT NOTE: we desire to hire a person who speaks both English and Latvian

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Pēdējo reizi manīts: 2023-10-18
Status: Paldies, esmu atradis/-usi aukli.